Get more done with the tough commercial Tradesman roof racks
only R 1,799
  • Robust dependability
  • Supplied as a pair
  • Through bar only
  • 100 kg (max) load rating per pair of bars
Low Leg (150mm)
Bar Length 1375mm Colour Black Part TR1B
      Galvanised   TR1G
  1500mm   Black Part T84
      Galvanised   TR4G
  1800mm   Black Part TR7B
      Galvanised   TR7G


Medium Leg (210mm)
Bar Length 1375mm Colour Black Part TR2B
      Galvanised   TR2G
  1500mm   Black Part T85
      Galvanised   TR5G
  1800mm   Black Part TR8B
      Galvanised   TR8G


High Leg (280mm)
Bar Length 1375mm Colour Black Part TR3B
      Galvanised   TR3G
  1500mm   Black Part T86
      Galvanised   TR6G
  1800mm   Black Part TR9B
      Galvanised   TR9G
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Trackmount Tradesman

Trackmount Tradesman
Tradesman track-mounted roof racks for vehicles without rain gutters
only R 2,699
  • Supplied Singly
  • Black finish
  • 50 kg (max)* load rating per bar
Low Leg (90mm)
Bar Length 1375mm Part TRT1B
  1500mm   TRT4B


Medium Leg (150mm)
Bar Length 1375mm Part TRT2B
  1500mm   TRT5B


High Leg (230mm)
Bar Length 1375mm Part TRT3B
  1500mm   TRT6B
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Tracks Tradesman
The heavy duty Tradesman range can be fitted to just about any vehicle using this track-mount option
  • Supplied Pair
  • Black finish
only R 900
Track Length Part
200mm STM
600mm ST6
1000mm ST10
1200mm ST12
1400mm ST14
1600mm ST16
1800mm ST18

Accessories for your Tradesman

  • Eye Bolt
    Eyebolt Accessory for Trade Bar
  • Ratchet Grab
    Ratchet Accessory for Trade Bar
  • Load Holder
    Load Holder Accessory for Trade Bar
  • Ladder Roller
    Ladder Roller Accessory for Trade Bar
More Accessories

How the right gear can help your business

In business time is money, and the Tradesman roof rack system has been designed with this in mind.

Getting the right equipment helps you get the job done faster and you spend less time worrying about how to hold your gear on the vehicle. The base you need to get started with is the Tradesman roof racks, then add accessories to customise them to your work activities. Got ladders? Get the TAR rollers to help you. Need to carry conduit? Get the TAPC pipe clamp for your plastic tubing. Each accessory has been designed to save time and let you get on with doing what earns you money.

Tradesman roof racks have been designed to work hard for the hard worker. Using steel for all the critical pieces mean these bars will go the distance, every where you go, and at every place you work, the Tradesman system keeps going and going.

Put them to the test, they'll work as hard as you do.