Surf gear for your roof racks

Roof Rack Accessories for Surf Gear

Surf Kit (PR3033)

Surf Kit
PR3033 Surf Pack Contents What you get
  • 2 foam sleeves (500 mm)
  • 2 tiedown straps (3 m)

The safest and easiest way to carry your surfboard

  • Foam sleeves protect your
    board and bar.
Carries: 1 surfboard
Lockable: No
Fits: P-Bar
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Tiedown Straps (PR3036)

PR3036 Tie Downs What you get
  • 2 tiedown straps

Multi-purpose tiedowns for all situations

  • 25 mm wide strong webbing
  • Cam lock buckle for quick
  • Black and blue colour
Supplied: Pair
Lockable: No
Length: 4.8 metres
Fits: All roof racks and accessories
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Foam Sleeves (PR3034)

Foam Sleeves
PR3034 Foam Sleeves What you get
  • 1 pair of foam sleeves

Protect your gear and roof racks

  • Foam sleeves protect your
    gear and bar
  • Made from hard wearing
    PE foam
  • Black colour
Supplied: Pair
Lockable: No
Length: 500 mm
Fits: P-Bar

Surfing no worries

Having the right accessory on your roof rack can make a big difference to it's usability and the time you spent loading it and these accessories turn your roof racks into surfing roof racks.

With these surfing roof rack accessories transporting your surf board to where you're going is so simple; just load the board onto the roof rack, strap it down with the tie downs supplied to the racks and secure both front and back (additional tie-downs sold separately) and you're in business. Hard wearing foam sleeves protect your board and prevents it banging up and down on the bars all the way to the surf and back making these a sound investment for any surfer with P-bars.